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These days there’s a Wikipedia page for everything you can imagine. If you’re looking for a reliable list of UK bookmakers, there is a page dedicated to UK bookmakers exclusively that can show you what you want to know about many of the bookmakers operating in the UK.

Many of the largest and most popular betting sites actually have their own Wikipedia pages that can help you get more information about them before you choose to bet through their company. This is a good source of non-biased, relevant information on each of the famous betting site companies within the UK. Wikipedia pages will generally tell you a brief history about how long the company has been in existence, how popular the company is, who officially owns the company, what they deal in, if they are licensed, and more.

It’s a good idea to check out what Wikipedia has to say about UK bookmakers, especially if you’re new to online gambling in the UK and you need to know where to go and who to place your bets with.

All sites listed on or on the Wikipedia page have their own Wikipedia page to reference.

Each betting company listed on the UK bookmakers Wiki page have their Wiki pages that you can check out to get the details about each company before you subscribe to them.

This is a non-biased source of good information.

Wikipedia does not act as an affiliate for any companies, meaning you can trust the information to give equal attention to each betting site and not to try to persuade you towards one or the other.

You’ll get a list of more than just the most commonly used or best advertised betting sites.

Sometimes when betting sites are really good at advertising or optimizing their search engine results, you can get a warped view of which companies are actually the most competitive and the best. This Wiki page does not serve as a source of advertising, so you don’t have to worry about that when reading through the list.

English Premier League Betting

United Kingdom has been for a long time one of the better wager in the world. Betting in UK is an activity quite frequent and football is considered the most worthwhile sports for betting. However, in UK there are many and many football teams therefore gamblers and fanatics usually do not know: what bet do, how much they can bet, what team would be better or what results would give them the best benefits. That is why bookmakers exist, to give gamblers options and tips to make their betting much better than ever!

Now, UK bookies are considered by gamblers as the best bookmakers for English Premier League. Why? Well, UK bookies give expert betting tips for every match of this league. These tips are calculated by previous results, performance and bets formerly made. If you look for English Premier League in UK bookies, you will find a wide variety of options for betting on this season of premier league. As an example, Williamhill and paddypower are British bookmakers which give large lists of matches and next matches on the league, and additionally, they include in every section the odds and possibilities that have every team.

Let’s see, in section outright bookies tend to present the odds each team has, for example, in the list there is the name of the team and next to it, there is the odd: Tottenham 40/1, Arsenal 6/4, Chelsea 80/1, and so on. Also, these betting sites include a top 4 finish. Into this section, bookies offer to gamblers the opportunity of seeing different results and positions of how could each team ends. But that is not all; clients can find other sections as: To stay up, relegation, or top goalscore, which are going to make betting an easier and excellent way to enjoy time.