The concept is to bring young, talented writers together in order to showcase to the world what people can do, regardless of age. We have a strong interest in the academy, feature articles covering analysis and, of course, opinion. With the help of a few influential contacts we have been able to grow the site bigger and faster than we could have ever imagined. Sit back, read and hopefully we have encapsulated the Liverpool fan site that you have been waiting for.

“Why are you called The Bib Theorists?”

That’s a question we have been haunted with since the decision was made. To be short and sweet here is the answer: On a Thursday the club release training photographs from Melwood. In these photos all the players are shown at some point. If a player is seen to be wearing an orange bib, they have been known to be in the starting eleven for that week’s Saturday fixture. This idea was called “Bib Theory”. Therefore we are “The Bib Theorists”. We want to make clear here that we don’t believe Bib Theory as it is very open for change and also the name is created in jest. However, it has been known to be right more than wrong. NOTE: Bib Theory does not work for Sunday games.

“What is Fresh Press?”

We are a Fresh Press website, which means we are a professional platform supported by the Fresh Press brand. The company was set up to give young football bloggers and aspiring journalists a platform to express their talent. To find out more about Fresh Press, what it does and stands for, visit their website: www.freshpressuk.com

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