Mark Simpson writes a weekly blog surrounding the World of Fantasy Football.

This week he interviews Ste Hoare after gameweek one has been completed.

Welcome to a brand new Fantasy Football blog on The Bib Theorists.

What we aim to do is bring you something a little different when it comes to providing you with tips on who to pick for the upcoming game week.

I myself have been playing Fantasy Football for years now. I play because it makes the games that Liverpool aren’t playing in a little bit more exciting. I have also found it has taken over my weekly betting slip, which has been a lot kinder on my bank balance!

Thousands of people take part in Fantasy Football; there are hundreds of Fantasy Football Twitter accounts and websites that give you tips and hints.

However, there is only one blog that will delve into the mindset of the LFC Twitterarti League for your entertainment. When I had the idea for this blog, I went out and invited 20 of the best LFC Twitter Fantasy Football players I know. Some of them you may recognise from accounts that you personally follow.

Here are the results after gameweek one:

Every week, I will be interviewing different managers in this league to pick their brains on the players they have selected, the formations they’re choosing and who you should be looking out for over the course of the coming game weeks.

This week, I thought I would go straight to Bib Theorists Numero Uno, Ste Hoare.

Ste has been playing Fantasy Football now for 3 seasons. Although he is yet to top 2000 points, this year has started very well with a solid 66 points on the opening game week.

Here’s Ste’s team:

Below is my interview with Ste, and to start with I wanted to find out more about his team selection for the start of the season.

Mark: Last week there were thousands of Fantasy Football managers trying to cram as many players into their 16-man squad for the coming season. With £100m to spend and so many quality players to choose from, could you please share with us why you chose the players you did.

Ste: I always try to get the keeper I think will keep the most clean sheets in the season and the striker who’ll get the most goals. I’m sure Daniel Sturridge will be the league’s top scorer so that was nailed on. As for Tim Howard, I chose him as I expect Everton to be up there in terms of fewest goals conceded, and I was unsure about the Chelsea & Man City ‘keeper situations with both not having a clear number one at the time. Sterling was a no-brainer too, in fact I can’t understand why everybody doesn’t have him in their side! Anybody who follows me on Twitter will know how highly I rate Wilfried Bony, an I think he’ll score bags of goals for Swansea. The rest, well, I looked at what cash I had left an made some choices in terms of price vs production.

Mark: Fantasy Football Game week 1 went very well for you Ste, explain your team selection.

Ste: Same as above really. I just wanted as many potential goal scorers on the pitch as possible. I thought my defence & keeper would get more clean sheet points in truth, as all three we’re playing in relatively easy fixtures.

Mark: With Sturridge, Giroud and Bony as your strike force, what made you go with Raheem Sterling as your captain?

Ste:Gut feeling really. I had a feeling that he’d do well after watching him in the pre-season game with Dortmund. Also, I expected Southampton to press high up the field, and therefore knew Liverpool’s best chance of scoring would be with his pace in behind.

Mark: I personally think that Jordan Henderson is going to be one of the star buys for any Fantasy team this season at only £6 million. Why did you go with him?

Ste:Firstly, he’ll play every game, which helps! I also expect him to get more goals this year as Brendan has said he wants him in the box more often. Considering who else was available around similar prices, it was an easy choice to include him.

Mark: Without giving too much away for Game week 2, are you planning on making any changes to your squad?

Ste:I’ll keep my team the same but I’ll make Bony my captain. I expect him to do well in a home game versus Leicester, while Liverpool have a tough gamevs. City, and Arsenal vs. Everton is also difficult to predict.

Mark: After Game week 1, is there any players you are going to add to your watch list?

Ste:Gylfi Sigurdsson. I have Eriksen in my side, but I am considering a transfer.

Mark: You’re currently one of 20 LFC Twitterarti accounts in the league. Looking at this list, which other manager do you want to finish above this season?

Ste:All of them! I hate losing at anything.

Mark: Explain your sub bench selections a bit more. Why have you gone for pure bargain buys over the course of the season?

Ste:Basically I wanted more money for starters. It’s a risk obviously, but one I think is worth taking.

Mark: Why did you go with the 3-4-3 formation?

Ste:Goals and assists. I know you get clean sheet bonuses for defenders, but I value goals & assists more. I’ve got a front 7 who are all capable of goals & assists.

Mark: And finally, why haven’t you picked any Manchester Utd players?

Ste:Nothing personal. I’m not one to avoid players from rival teams, hence the two bluenoses! I just didn’t see any value for money in any of their players, plus I think bar De Gea, Rooney, Mata & Van Persie, they’re a very average team of players who’ll struggle this season.


Thanks to Ste for answering those questions. For those who don’t follow him on Twitter, you can by going to @stehoare

Do you agree with Ste, or do you think that his week 1 performance will be just a flash in the pan?

Let us know your thoughts below in the comments section, or let us know via the Twitter accounts @mrmarksimpson and @thebibtheorists.


Here are the fixtures for gameweek 2:

How many of you are tempted to play your Wildcard already?

Thanks for reading, see you next week.

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