We interviewed Belgian journalist Kristof Terreur to ask him a few questions about new Liverpool signing Divock Origi.

Kristof believes Origi maintains the skills to make it in the Premier League.

1. We saw a bit of Origi at the World Cup. He looked impressive. What would you say are his main strengths?

“He’s a complete striker. He’s elegant, technically gifted, fast and powerful. He only lacks killer instinct in the box. That’s something he has to work on. We also must not forget he played on the right wing at Lille this season. Some scouts, like Chelsea’s advisor Piet de Visser, already compared him to Patrick Kluivert. Although Kluivert was already a super star when he was 19.”

2. He’ll be loaned back to Lille for a season, what do you think the reasoning behind this is?

“Lille definitely wanted to keep him for one more season. That was a main point in the negotiations with Liverpool. As they (Lille and Origi) couldn’t agree on a new contract, a transfer to Liverpool was the best solution for everyone. As his dad is a former professional player, I think Origi will also know he wouldn’t have a spot in Liverpool’s first team. He needs minutes to grow as a player. At Liverpool he wasn’t sure he would play every single game.”

3. There have been a lot of Belgian players doing well in the Premier League, do you see Origi doing the same?

“He definitely has the skills. When he was 19 Benteke, for instance, was loaned to a smaller Belgian team and Lukaku was struggling at Chelsea. But all will depend on how fast he adapts to life and football in England. It’s difficult to predict.”

4. Origi replaced Romelu Lukaku in the Belgian World Cup side. We’ve seen a lot of Lukaku, does Origi have the potential and ability to be as good, or better than Lukaku?

“Lukaku has more of a killer instinct than Origi at this moment. Divock is more elegant, not a brutal beast like Lukaku. We’ll see.”

5. Finally, when Origi does join up with Liverpool, he’ll likely be a squad player, playing back up to Daniel Sturridge. Is this something he’d be comfortable with, as some players struggle with that role?

“Difficult one. He hasn’t been in this role yet. He’s a modest, friendly guy, but he’s also ambitious. He got along really well with Lukaku, his big competitor at the World Cup, so he knew where his place was. But that can of course change after one season in France.”

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