Ste Hoare’s beginning to get excited about the possibility of Liverpool winning the Premier League in May.

Here he explains why he thinks it’s not an impossible feat, and encourages others to dream.

Liverpool Football Club have a genuine chance of finishing the 2013/14 Premier League season as champions. There’s a sentence that many would have been called crazy for writing in August. However, as we sit with nine games left to play, the thought of Liverpool winning the league is one that distracts many Kopites as they go about their everyday lives. A fan taking out the bins will probably be consumed with the vision of Steven Gerrard lifting the trophy above his head, a fan sitting at his/her desk will probably glaze over while staring at a spread sheet and have visions of Luis Suarez scoring a goal against Newcastle to secure a league win, or Daniel Sturridge doing an extended version of his dance in front of the Kop with a league champions medal hanging around his neck.

We are allowed to dream. It makes things much more fun. Pessimism is boring; it serves no purpose other than to soften a blow after a fall from expected heights. However, as Liverpool fans we are in a wonderful position. We are looking at ascending the side of a cliff, but even if we slip and don’t quite make it to the top, the safety harness of a top four position is there to stop us crashing down. Only an unmitigated disaster coupled with an unprecedented run of form from Tottenham or Everton in the league or Moyes’ Mancs in Europe could prevent us from playing in the Champions League next season. The probability is that none of these will happen.

So, with European qualification all but boxed off, the question remains; what will it take to win the league? Well, Liverpool don’t have their destiny in their own hands. Brendan Rodgers could lead his side to victory in each of the nine remaining games and still see his side pipped at the post by Manchester City. However, the likelihood of any side winning all of their remaining games is very low. There are some massive games ahead and there’ll be some shocks along the way. All four sides left in the title race will believe that they can win the league. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses, and none of the teams are perfect.

However, Liverpool look to be the most in form side at the moment. The Reds have been scoring goals for fun all season, and this, coupled with the welcome discovery of some defensive stability, means that they should go into every one of their remaining nine games as favourites. It won’t be easy. Chelsea, Arsenal & Manchester City are all very good sides, but Liverpool are holding their own in the race and because of the sheer firepower possessed by Rodgers’ men, it’ll take a very good performance by any side to take points off them.

Who are the favourites in the race? Technically it should be Manchester City as it’s still in their hands, and the bookies will have them and Chelsea as the most likely winners, however saying Liverpool will win the league wouldn’t be the craziest thing to utter, and that alone is so refreshing. Nine games to go. Nine games to become immortal. Nine games to go down in history. Nine games to bring joy to millions of people all over the world. Nine games. It’s on. It really is on.

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