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Ste Hoare reviews the book written by David Walmsley and Stephen Done that unearths the official hidden treasures of Liverpool Football Club.

Liverpool Football Club kindly invited me to attend an event at Anfield, an event set up to promote and celebrate the re-opening of the Liverpool FC museum. I gladly accepted the invite, after all I’m a big believer in all supporters learning, understanding and respecting the history of the club – plus I’m not one to pass up a freebie, as other members of The Bib Theorists will testify!

I had the chance to walk around the museum, guided by the voice of Phil Thompson on the new portable audio sets, and I learned some new things about the club, things that I found fascinating.

As a supporter who enjoys learning and reading about the glorious history of my hometown club, you can imagine how delighted I was when I received a copy of The Official Treasures of Liverpool FC to review, after all it was a perfect combination of things I enjoy; history and free stuff!

I was unsure of what exactly the book was when it first arrived. It looks extremely well designed and comes in a great looking sleeve-type box, however it’s slightly odd shape left me questioning exactly how much content and information it would contain. However, once I started reading the book, I genuinely couldn’t put it down, and I was pleasantly surprised by it’s contents.

The book explains the story of Liverpool Football Club, from it’s humble beginnings in 1892, through the Shankly and Fagan eras, past the days of The King’s side, through the Houllier and Benitez years and onto the modern day side managed by Brendan Rodgers.

You may wonder what makes this book different from others that outline the history of the club, I did too when I first saw it. Well one very clever and imaginative aspect to the book is that it tells tales and outlines facts based upon historical documents and artefacts, many of which have replicas inside the book that are removable and can be properly examined, such as replicas of cup final tickets, certificates and hand written letters. I found this to be a very ‘quirky’ idea, and one which I think works well and serves a very meaningful purpose.

The book is written by the author David Walmsley, who had help and advice from Liverpool FC Museum curator Stephen Done, and together they’ve managed to produce a thoroughly informative and entertaining book, which if I had to describe, I would do say that reading it is like taking a trip around the Liverpool FC museum without having to leave the comfort of your home. It is a very interesting and slightly different twist on a tried and tested formula of describing the club’s history and would make an ideal gift for any Liverpool fan.

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