So yes, it’s nearly upon us. It’s been a long time in the making but it’s finally coming up. Deadline day and RMTBTLive.

We have been working since May getting this idea running and installing the technology to make this all come together. I remember the phone call and the exact quote, “we could break the internet – either because it’s good, or because it’s terrible and people want to laugh at us on mass.” Since that phone call, stress levels have been high because of other projects but now this has become the real focus.

Sky Sports’ deadline day is usually so dull and monotonous; recycling old material for a succession of hours, sometimes with a shout to make it sound like something has changed. I, personally, have no problem with this. It’s the nature of the beast and that beast is boring. They can only report what’s going on and if there’s naff all on – then there’s naff all to report.

The problem for me lies with the formality. Deadline day should be a fun occasion ridden with drinking games and anecdotes, not suited men telling me what I should want to know.

We are teaming up with the lads over at The Redmen TV to go about changing this a bit – or at least we’ll try. We will be doing a 10 hour long video stream with guests and insight. It won’t just be Liverpool coverage – there will be ‘insight’ (read: mumblings) on every club that does a deal. Be warned: it will be alcohol fuelled and far from formal.

But we aren’t just doing this for nothing. Oh no. This is a marathon event and without our own news and ‘sources’, it’s going to be hard to pull it off. Very hard. Therefore we have made it a charity event, because even if it goes breasts up, it’s been worth it. Paul Machin will be hosting the show for the duration and therefore we left it to him to name the chosen charity: Alder Hey Childrens’ Hospital.

There will be no fancy totalizer and no pressure to give – but if you do, then we will be extremely grateful.

You will be able to watch the LIVE stream on this website (link to be confirmed) and also on YouTube. You will be able to interact with the show with the #RMTBTLive and on the Redmen TV Facebook page.

If we’ll pull it off, who knows?! Probably not if I’m honest – but it’ll be a blast to do and I hope you support it, but more so the charity!

To start donating, please click here and pledge on our JustGiving Page: https://www.justgiving.com/deadlinedaylive – just the smallest donation helps.

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