Together Again

Ste Hoare

Ste Hoare wears his heart on his sleeve as he discusses the crack-infested time Liverpool's fan base has had to endure. Rafa, Hicks and Gillett, Hodgson, King Kenny and ...

Title Talk

Ste Hoare

Ste Hoare's beginning to get excited about the possibility of Liverpool winning the Premier League in May. Here he explains why he thinks it's not an impossible feat, and ...

Agent Talk with Simon Dent

Ste Hoare

To gain a more detailed insight into the life of agents and football transfers, Ste Hoare interviewed Simon Dent, the Managing Director of ROAR Sport ...

Rebuilding Fortress Anfield

Ste Hoare

Ste Hoare looks at Liverpool's home form and how it can help the club achieve its ambitions during 2013/14. Can our brilliant Anfield performances continue throughout the ...

Injuries / Top Goalscorer


F Borini

Shoulder Injury


T Ilori

Thigh Muscle Strain


E Can

Calf/Shin Injury


O Assaidi

Cartilage Knee Injury

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