Learning From The Success of the Red Sox

Boston Red Sox fan Russ Goldman has noticed a similarity between the current Liverpool season and the season in which the Red Sox won the World Series. He shares them with us here.

I wrote an article several months ago after the Boston Red Sox won the World Series which explained why that particular victory could be a good sign for Liverpool. Well, we are near the end of the Barclays Premier League season and Liverpool are in first place by two points. If they beat Manchester City in a few weeks at Anfield, the dream could well become a reality. Could Liverpool and the Red Sox both be champions at the same time?

The funny thing about this current campaign for Liverpool is that it has almost mirrored the Red Sox’s championship winning season, as too did the preceding seasons, where both struggled. The Red Sox were coming off of a terrible season when they won the World Series and Liverpool spent last year rebuilding under Brendan Rodgers and finished outside of the European places.

That isn’t the only similarity between these two sporting giants. Liverpool and the Red Sox have so much in common.

One of the similarities I see between the two clubs is how FSG promote and market the franchises. As a Red Sox fan, I am not crazy at all of their many endeavours to strengthen the Red Sox brand but if the money is used to help build a team that wins, I guess that is more important. I have seen the branding now for Liverpool and nothing shocked me as much as seeing Dunkin Donuts advertising at Anfield. However, I guess this is a good strategy because the more sponsors FSG gets, the more money can be funneled back to putting a championship team on the pitch for Liverpool, even if some of the marketing campaigns can be a buit cringeworthy!

There is another common trait shared by both Liverpool and the Red Sox; the fans. I can tell you that even though the Red Sox had an incredible regular season, there were so many doubts about their chances in the playoffs. The fans are very knowledgeable, and I feel had a “prove it” attitude when it came to the team last season. Based on the interaction I have experienced on social media, Liverpool supporters are similar, as many are cautiously optimistic about winning the title, but just are not there yet. I think they have this “prove it” mentality as well. It’s only been very recently, since the weekend in fact, that the shoots of belief has e started to grow from the soil of pessimism. That was how things were in Boston too!

It seems only a short time ago that some Red Sox and Liverpool supporters were questioning the intent of FSG. Winning changes everything, but I have never wavered from the belief that FSG have winning as their number one goal, and three titles in ten years for the Red Sox proves that. I think Liverpool supporters will become believers in this winning mentality from their ownership soon enough.

What is so fascinating for me is that FSG has two similar franchises in two sports that could possibly be at the top of their leagues with Championships; this can’t be a coincidence. In the end, Liverpool fans should know that their commitment to winning is real, and whether it happens this season or not, the title will be coming to Liverpool in the near future. Take it from somebody who has seen first hand how FSG operate.

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